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Cereal Milk

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Our newest cereal milk flavour will take you back down memory lane!
It taste just like the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cornflakes! Dig in and enjoy!

No Artificial sweeteners or preservatives.
100% Vegetarian


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Milk and Milk Solids, Erythritol, Fructooligosaccharide (Prebiotic fibers), Milk protein concentrate, Sugar, Cream, Permitted emulsifier and Stabiliser, Salt, Stevia.

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1 review for Cereal Milk

  1. Avani Joshi

    Icecream is my biggest weakness. But after a nice indulging icecream snack, immediately comes the guilt factor. When i stumbled upon NOTO icecream, all my hopes went up. Who doesnt want a guilt free indulgence of your favourite dessert. The delivery came the very next day, and i took no time to dig in. Trust me NOTO, you DO NOT DISAPPOINT!! My favourite flavour is the milk cereal. Its just so delicious and creamy. Completely satisfies your icecream cravings with the perfect creamy texture and flavour!
    Its definitely a must try for all!!

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