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Dark Chocolate

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The perfect cure to every life problem, this rich, delicious dark chocolate makes adulting fun! Go on, try it for yourself!

No Artificial sweeteners or preservatives.
100% Vegetarian

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Milk and Milk solids, Cocoa Powder, Erythritol, FructoOligoSaccharides (Prebiotic Fibers), Milk Protein concentrate, Sugar, Cream, Permitted Emulsifier and Stabilizer, Salt, Stevia.

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4 reviews for Dark Chocolate

  1. Vickeey

    this flavour is one of my favourites I have been indulging in these cup of joys for a while now & I can wholeheartedly say I love the ice creams without worrying about the calories.


    One guilt free dessert …. without compromising in taste…

  3. Rishita

    I don’t like chocolate or chocolate ice cream AT ALL but I love love love love this flavour and I can’t get enough ?

  4. Shruti

    Excellent play of flavour, can’t go wrong with this one.

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